• Community Survey

    A community survey was conducted in July 2019 on behalf of Benton Community School Corporation by Baker Tilly, the district’s financial advisor. The survey was conducted to find out how residents felt about the school corporation, which educational programs they felt were most important, where they felt budget reductions could be made, and whether they would support an operating levy referendum. Interviews with 267 registered voters in the Benton Community School district were completed between July 9 and July 13; the margin of error is plus/minus 5.9 percent.

    Key Findings

    General environment

    • Grades for the District are significantly better than national PDK benchmark, with many more A and B grades. (70% of respondents give A and B grades to the School District, compared to 43% nationwide)

    Program impacts

    • Highest positive impacts seen from providing academic support for students needing extra help, and for maintaining STEM programs.
    • Relatively lower, but still positive impacts from maintaining extra-curricular and athletic programs in junior high and high school.
    • Negative reaction to each item on the list ranged from 6% to 12%, except for extracurricular at 24%.

    Potential budget cuts

    • Highest positive impacts for preventing cuts to elementary art & music teachers, and for maintaining overall teacher numbers and class sizes.
    • Relatively lower, but still positive impact from preventing closure of one or more elementary schools.
    • Negative reaction to each item on the list ranged from 16% to 25%.

    Potential support for an operating levy referendum

    • Initial support at 50.6%.
    • Informed support at 62.6%.
    • Information about the proposal changed support by 12 points, which is statistically significant.
    • Support falls below margin of error (55.9%) at an impact of $120 per year.


    For more information, contact Superintendent Gregg Hoover at ghoover@benton.k12.in.us or 765-884-0850.

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