The Benton Community School Board of Trustees has started the process for selecting a new superintendent.  The board is excited about this opportunity and has partnered with the Indiana School Boards Association to assist in the hiring process to secure our next educational leader. 

We as a school board certainly understand the important role that a superintendent plays in the life of a child, a school district, and greater school community.  We do not take the process of hiring a superintendent lightly and as a result, we want to be as transparent and inclusive as possible throughout the hiring process.  

We wanted to make our school community aware of the projected hiring timeline below:

·       Application window February 27, 2023 – April 5, 2023

·       Initial Interviews April 18 and April 20, 2023

·       Second and projected final interviews April 27, 2023

·       Candidate selection after April 27, 2023

·       After the terms of the employment contract have been agreed upon, a public hearing will take place on the terms of the contract for public input and then a separate board meeting will be scheduled to approve the contract

·       The goal would be to have our new superintendent named by May 26, 2023

Also, vital to this process is our board hearing from stakeholders regarding the characteristics desired in our new superintendent. In order to facilitate this, there will be a survey available online from March 6 – March 31 for community members to provide input.  Please take time to complete this short survey.  Your feedback is valued and important to us.