Council for Academic Excellence

The Council For Academic Excellence (CAE) is an organization of dedicated parents, teachers, and community members whose goal is to encourage students to prepare themselves academically for further study after high school. Established in the spring of 1985 this Council has had a mission to strive and reward students for outstanding achievement in academics and to recognize excellence in teaching.


To be eligible for recognition by the CAE for a first year award, a student must earn  53 points by the end of the first semester of their junior year or 73 points by the end of the first semester of their senior year.  

A second year award is presented to students who have earned 83 points by the end of the first semester of their senior year. First year and second year award students will be invited to a spring honors banquet. 

For specific information about the point system please go to page 6 of the course handbook.


We are pleased to have established the tradition of the honors banquet. This banquet recognizes excellence in education and celebrates our juniors and seniors who have achieved the set standards, and honors the educators who have impacted their lives. It is a memorable evening for the students, their parents, and favorite educators. 


Please join us in encouraging academic excellence by supporting our program. Your contribution, large or small, will recognize students for pursuing high-leveled academic achievements while also honoring excellence in teaching. Your donation is tax-deductible and every dollar goes directly towards our programs and students.

Checks can be made payable to the Benton Community Foundation NOTING: CAE on the Memo line.  Benton Community Foundation P.O. Box 351, Fowler, IN 47944

You can also go to click “Donate now” and select the Council for Academic Excellence on the program list.


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CAE Board Members: Carol Cirtin, Megan Creek, Rita Deckard, Marnie Hardebeck, Carmen Knowles, Gail Lange, Teresa Minier, Kelly Minniear, Stephanie Stout, Katy Tolen, and Carmen Williams