• Health Center


    The Benton Central Health Center provides direct student health services, immediate first aid, and referral, if necessary, conducts health/wellness programs for school personnel/students, is involved in program planning, development, management, and evaluation and provides health education and counseling for students, as well as families. At Benton Central Health Center there is a special knowledge of health care and an understanding of the need for confidentiality and documentation.

    There is no other community setting than the school that provides such a captive audience in which health care can be administered to our children. Whether your child is just beginning kindergarten, middle school, or senior high school, the School Nurse is available to aid in promoting and safeguarding your child’s health.

    It is important for your child to be examined before entering school and periodically thereafter according to the recommendations of your child’s physician. We also have school health services that are effective in aiding pupils throughout their school years-immunization requirements, fluoride mouth rinse, vision screening, hearing screening, and speech therapy, also management of chronic illnesses, control of communicable diseases, medical consultation and first aid and emergency care are all just a small part of your child’s provided health services.

    Each student has an accurate and well-organized cumulative health record on file. This will accompany him/her when coming to Benton Central as a 7th grade student and throughout his/her academic years. If your child has a special health concern, it is most- important for the school nurse to be made aware of the condition. Your child is entitled to a level of health, which permits maximum utilization of educational opportunities through Benton Community Schools. For any further information, contact  Amy Marquie, R.N., Prairie Crossing Elementary at 765-884-3000; Julie Brouillette, R.N., Boswell Elementary at 765-869-5523 or Otterbein Elementary at 765-583-4401; or Holli Schoen, R.N., Benton Central Jr/Sr High School at 765-884-1600 ext. 5128.