School Supplies

Extra clothes: Please bring 1 or 2 extra shirts, pants, underwear, and socks. Please keep these in the provided container at the bottom of your child’s cubby in case of a toileting accident, a big spill, etc. (One set of cubbies has drawers at the bottom so your container is in the extra compartment at the top of the cubby.) If we need to use the extra clothes, I will bag up the dirty clothes and tie the bag to your child’s cubby so that you may take it home for washing.

  • Note- You may want to consider tights or shorts under skirts and dresses.

Jacket: We do have an outside playground. Please make sure your child has a weather appropriate jacket throughout the year. Rule: Temperature must be above 25 degrees with wind chill

Shoes: Shoes need to be appropriate for our playground and/or inside exercise. Your child may wear sandals; however, they must have a strap around their heal. PLEASE NO FLIP FLOPS. We sing and dance everyday, we play outside, and we may play in the gym. For safety reasons we do not allow flip flops to be worn at school. This has really cut down on the number of injuries.

Nap Supplies: All Day Everyday, Pre-K Plus, and Pre-School Plus: Nap time takes place every day after lunch. LPP will provide a sleeping cot and a storage container to keep their nap items inside.

Please bring and label with child’s initials sleeping items. (LPP does have extra blankets we can provide your child with. However, we do not have pillows, cot sheets, or sleepy friends.)

Requirements for sleeping items:

  • All items used for nap time must fit inside the NAP TIME STORAGE CONTAINER. Sample ideas are located on the counter for you to view. Container size is…17”D x 143/8”W x 67/8” H.
  • *PLEASE PUT NAME or INITIALS on sleeping items
  • * Thursday or Friday: On your child’s last day of school for the week please take home the nap items in your storage container to wash over the weekend and return for the following week. Please DO NOT take home to actual nap time storage container. These are to stay at school.

Ideas for sleeping items…

  • A blanket, a small sheet (crib size fits) to place on the cot. Some children sleep right on the cot with pillow and a blanket over them. A sheet is not required. Each child has their own assigned cot and no other child uses that cot all year.
  • A small pillow if you prefer (no adult sized pillows please)
  • A Sleepy Friend (stuffed animal)
    • Sleepy friends may not make noise or light up
    • Only 1 sleepy friend per week
    • Only used for nap time (stays in storage container during awake time)

*Nap time Chart: * You can check if your child slept each day on our chart by the sign in table!

Items to Leave at Home (not in child’s book bag/cubby)

  • Toys from home
  • After school snacks
  • Breakfast/Drinks
  • Money/Coins
  • Valuable items
  • Flip Flops

Please help us in creating an equal and safe environment by leaving the items listed above at home or in your car. These items create sharing issues and may get lost or broken. In addition, food items create allergy issues and flip flops create safety issues.

THANK YOU FOR COOPERATING! This makes our room run smoothly.