sunset and windmills

Located in north central Indiana, Benton County offers the best of both worlds with the look, feel, affordability, and convenience of small communities that are just a short drive from Lafayette, West Lafayette, Purdue University, and Ivy Tech Community College. Our residents take pride in knowing their neighbors, celebrating achievements, and taking care of one another in times of need. Local libraries, parks, and schools afford our children safe havens loaded with activities and adventures just waiting to be explored.

As you make your way past scenic corn, soybean, wheat, and hay fields, and energy-producing windmills, venture off the beaten track of U.S. 52. Look for the lights any night, as school functions at the Benton Community Schools pack in crowds for plays, concerts, academic competitions, club events, PTO bazaars, book fairs, art shows, parent and student information nights, family literacy nights, dinners, and athletic events. Weeknight and weekend events will greet you with the familiar sounds of laughter and applause!