Financial Advisory Committee

This committee was formed in November 2019 to help Benton Community School Corporation assess its financial situation and provide feedback to administration and the school board about actions that could be considered to improve the district’s financial health.

Committee members are:
Jennifer Barce (School Board Member)
Bryan Berry
Tracy Best
Ashley Bice
Brody Fox
Sheryl McMillan
Stacey Minier
Ken Sandel
Chris Sheetz
Robert Sondgeroth (School Board Member)
Patrick Thurston
Jeff Toll
Gregg Hoover (Superintendent)
Tracy Albertson (Director of Finance)

November 12, 2019 News Release
Community Survey
FAC Meeting Notes

11-13-19 FAC Meeting Notes
12-4-19 Meeting Notes
12-18-19 Meeting Notes

FAC Presentations

FAC 11-13-19 Power Point
FAC 12-4-19 Meeting Final-rev
Bakertilly Presentation
Benton survey results 2019-12-04

Community Meetings Presentation
Community Meetings Report