BSCS School Board

Members & Districts

Hickory Grove, Parish Grove, Grant, Prairie – 1 Member district
Ray – Term ends December 31, 2024

Richland, Union, Center, Oak Grove – 2 Member district
Jennifer Barce – Term ends December 31, 2022
Holli Schoen – Term ends December 31, 2024

Pine, Bolivar, Medina, Shelby – 2 Member district
Chad Tolen – – Term ends December 31, 2022
Chris– Term ends December 31, 2024

School Board Mission

The mission of the Benton Community Board of School Trustees is to provide valuable academic, artistic, physical, and social experiences to our students so that they will be empowered with the ability to enjoy a fulfilling personal life and be able to participate as productive members in their family and community, as well as members of a diverse society where global competition is a reality and democracy a way of life.

School Board Calendar & Documents

BSCS School Board LIVE on YouTube

Note: If we’re not currently live you’ll get a “Waiting for BCSC School Board” message.

April 19 School Board Meeting

Special Joint School Board Meeting