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Survey News Release

News Release: July 1, 2019

Community Survey

Beginning on July 9, 2019, members of our community may receive a phone call asking you to participate in a survey about Benton Community Schools.

Participation in the survey is very important. Please note, as in any phone survey of this nature, not everyone will receive a call.

Survey respondents are randomly selected by the survey experts working for Baker Tilly, the company Benton Community School Corporation has contracted with to provide survey services.

The phone interviews conducted by Baker Tilly will include 37 questions and take 12-15 minutes to complete. A total of 250 interviews will be completed.  The interviewers will call using phone number 765-734-7337. 

The survey is designed to help us gather information regarding the support of a possible operating referendum.  The survey will also gather information regarding academic programs, extra-curricular activities and school performance.

Your feedback is valuable and very important to us.

For those of you contacted we would like to Thank You in advance for your time and willingness to participate in this important survey.