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Daily Announcements

Announcements 11-6


Benton Central Jr.-Sr. High School

Daily Announcements

Friday, November 6, 2020 


*Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and remain standing as we pause for a moment of silence.*

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands,

 one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


Student of the Week

Ashlyn Brigham - Mrs. Silver

Jocelyn Danaher - Mrs. Hasser

Koby Rothrock - Mr. Robertson

Ben Moore - Mrs. Daily

Devin Mendoza - Dr. Ritchie

Chloe Szombathelyi - Miss Thomas

Eric Fields - Ms. Mullins

Winner of gift card: Koby Rothrock

Gift card supplied by Purdue Federal Credit Union


7th Grade All Stars Nominees

Spencer Flook Mr. Rea

Blake Jones Ms. Ferrill

Clayton Leuck Mr. Gross

Caden Wilson Ms.Mullins

Kennedy Shamp Mrs. McMillan

Sophia Zarate Mr. Vernon

Kyra Jaworski-Kraud Miss Thomas

Abbygail Troman Miss Hiscox

Rowan Drake Mr. Hoover

Izeyah Petersen Mrs. Hasser

Dyson Henderson Mr. Hardebeck

Gabe Peterson Dr. Michael Ritchie

Isabelle Adams Mr. Robert Malchow

Blake Vandeveer Mr. Guerrero 

Winner: Kyra Jaworski-Kraud


Mrs. Minier’s classes and Mrs. Pratt’s study halls need to meet in the Auditorium today.  Mrs. Minier’s class, please bring everything you need to be working on.  Again….Mrs. Minier’s classes and Mrs. Pratt’s study halls need to meet in the Auditorium today! 


Next week, Benton Central is celebrating World of Kindness Day all week with school dress up days and activities.  As a reminder, Monday is pajama day as  we "Dream about Kindness."  Watch for announcements and activities as well celebrate the Kindness week.


Just a reminder you have to have a parking tag to park in student parking.  Make sure your tag is posted in your front window with the number showing and parking in your spot only.If you happen to drive a different vehicle for a day and do not have your tag, park in your spot and let Mrs. Shidler know. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Shidler


Hey do you know what November 13th is? It is World Kindness Day!! So we are celebrating Be Kind week next week here at BC. Monday we are Dreaming of Kindness wearing our pajamas. But don't forget they must be school appropriate. At lunch check out the Be Kind messages you can send your friends and teachers. Teachers don't forget to participate in the Be Kind Week door decorating contest. Doors will be judged after lunch on Friday next week.


ATTENTION ALL CAAP MEMBERS: If you are finished selling your chicken dinner tickets, you can turn in your number of tickets sold, envelope, and money to Ms. Herre now. All ticket information and money must be turned in to Ms. Herre by Tuesday, November 10th. If you are still selling and need more tickets, see Ms. Herre. Please see Ms. Herre with any questions or concerns.


Random Fact of the Day:

Tigers have striped skin not just striped fur. The stripes are like fingerprints and no two tigers have the same pattern.


Today’s Lunch

Shrimp Poppers/Cheese Stick

BBQ Pork/WG Bun

Broccoli & Cheese

Bar Cookie

Assorted Fruits & Vegetables