The Phoenix #22

Benton Central’s Literary Arts Magazine

“I am from combines, tractors, and fields—

…I am from dog hair in every corner”*

This year’s stunning salute to our artists, writers, musicians, potters, and photographers is a full-color, 124-page magazine of 345 submissions from 105 individuals to delight, plead, teach, connect, and inspire.

Get it. Read it. Savor and share it.

Go (Creative) Bison!

$20 per copy

Available now at Benton Central Jr/Sr High School, Ms. Sandy Herre (765) 884-1600 ext. 2100 or

A sampling:

Misty Copeland: Life in Motion, Typographic Art by Hannah Kuckartz 2022.

Golfer’s Sunrise, Photography by Zélie Birault 2023.

Seuss’ Seat, Artist Inspired Painted Chair by Hannah Wallpe 2023.

Bird’s Eye View, Drone Photography by Joseph Brost 2022.

Silver Notes, Photography by Zach Albitz 2023.

Time to Work, Photography by Samuel Molter 2025.

*excerpt from Made from Memories, Poetry by Paige Creek 2022.

“I am from combines, tractors, and fields

…I am from dog hair in every corner”